Call for abstracts

The ICOE Call for Abstracts is now CLOSED.  Thanks to all those that have submitted! 

We invite you to submit an abstract for the 5th International Conference on Ocean Energy to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia November 4-6, 2014. Abstract topics should encompass the theme “Advancing an International Ocean Energy Delivery Industry.”

Participation, posters or presentations at ICOE 2014 will be recognized as giving the emergence of a world ocean energy industry Substance. As the first pilot power plants are in development phase now, the risk and cost reduction curve depends on accessing the latest thinking on everything from components to insurance, ships and data buoys and everything between. ICOE 2014 is the place where the industry will review that progress. 

By speaking at and attending ICOE, you will join between 700-900 delegates from around the world to discuss and learn about the leading activities in building the world’s ocean energy industry. Each conference year, the International Committee works to address the most relevant issues affecting the industrial development of ocean energy.

Submit your abstract to be a part of the Substance that ICOE 2014 will deliver. The International Conference on Ocean Energy – the industry-building event of 2014. 

The Opportunity

The Call for Abstracts is your opportunity to be a part of the most significant ocean energy event in the world. Presenting at the conference will allow you to:

  • present your achievements at the world’s largest ocean energy development event
  • share your ideas and achievements with those involved in pilot projects
  • look for collaborators for research, development, demonstration or development
  • be recognised as a leader in development of this industrial opportunity
Looking for iconic contributions

If your abstract is selected, your presentation will be eligible for recognition as an iconic contribution to ICOE – a new addition to ICOE this year:  

  • One overall cash prize for the most significant presentation or poster.
  • Ten posters or presentations will be selected for profile in a widely shared commemorative e-publication (inaugural in an ICOE series).
  • These ten “iconic” contributions will be profiled and re-presented as “elevator pitches” in the closing plenary.
Topics and Focus Areas

The International Committee is soliciting abstracts under the following topics and focus areas:

“Advancing an international ocean energy delivery industry”, by addressing:
Topics that make industry: Example focus for abstracts:
Investable Market drivers, insurance, standards, finance, project evaluation, etc.
Connectable Integration and interconnection issues, subsea and power technology, cables etc.
Developable Device and system readiness, site/resource assessment, array design issues, risk management, etc.
Installable and Maintainable Foundations, piles, anchoring, vessels, monitoring, operational issues, etc.
Reliable Design and testing, component and supply chain improvements, system integration, etc.
Acceptable Environmental research, permitting and social acceptance, role of government, etc.
Supportable Ongoing research and innovation, materials, next generation, integration, standardisation, etc.
Affordable Cost of energy, cost and risk reduction, supply chain opportunity, economics, etc.
Expandable Other marine energies, river current, multi-industry development, etc.

Abstract Competition Criteria


Abstracts should be written and focused on meeting the following objectives:

  • Showcase the most significant advances in the industry
  • Share the latest technical developments
  •  Present original ideas and achievements
  • Focus on recent progress by researchers and developers
  • Bring experience from related industry
  • Illustrate industrial opportunities
  • Profile a new generation of industry leaders
Conference Program Format & Selection Process

The conference program will consist of two types of sessions – those consisting of “submitted papers” and those consisting of “invited papers.”  There will be ten “submitted paper” sessions grouped by topic.

Chairs of “invited-paper” sessions will review submitted abstracts for inclusion in their sessions.

Abstracts selected for poster sessions will be grouped by topic and each topic will be a dedicated session.

All posters from students and young professionals will be a part of a competition sponsored by Ocean Energy Systems.

All authors whose abstracts are accepted will provide a full paper or presentation for inclusion in the conference documentation for delegates.

All accepted abstracts, presentations and papers will be archived as the proceedings of ICOE 2014 at the Ocean Energy Systems website.

Submission Criteria & Guidelines

Every effort will be made to accept quality abstracts that address the conference themes and meet the standards exercised by the ICOE committee, but submission is expected to be competitive and authors are encouraged to consider how their contribution may best fit and to ensure that the abstract truly represents the value of their contribution. Only one presentation or paper per lead author will be accepted.

The topics and areas of focus above are offered as a stimulus for industry, researchers, government and others to review how they might contribute to building an effective agenda for ICOE 2014.

Abstract Format
  • Word count: 600 word max and one picture/graphic. 

The abstract submission deadline has passed. Good luck to all who submitted abstracts!