ICOE B2B Networking Services

ICOE is the foremost event that brings industry together to work on an industrial approach to marine renewable energy development. In an effort to further support this work, establish partnerships, and facilitate collaborations ICOE 2014 is offering business-to-business (B2B) services and tools. These services are designed to help participants target their networking, business development or procurement efforts.

B2B services are complimentary to all delegates and exhibitors (you must be registered). This service will allow you to build an online profile, review others’ profiles, and select organizations you’d like to meet with.

For instructions on how to use the B2B system, click here.

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How it works

1.     Set up your profile

When you register for the conference as a delegate, you will automatically provide information for your profile which will also serve as your B2B profile. You can edit your company profile at any time by clicking “View all participating companies” on the B2B page. Find your company and click “Edit profile” located in the furthest right column.

2.     Indicate your availability

When you access this B2B page, you’ll be presented with three tables showing the available time slots for each of the three conference days.  In order to make yourself available for networking meetings, click on “Book slot” for the times that you’d like to have meetings.

You can begin to set up your own meetings at this point, or wait for requests to come to you from other delegates.

3.     Request meetings with other delegates

  • Click on the “View all participating companies” button to view all companies that have expressed an interest in participating in the B2B services.  On this page you’ll be able to learn more about each company, and also request to meet with them, even if they haven’t booked a time slot yet.  You MUST have your own time slots booked in order to request meetings with others.
  • The database is searchable by organization category and area of activity and you can filter both using the “Filter Category” and “Filter Area of Activity” buttons.
  • To request a meeting with another delegate, click “Arrange meeting.” NOTE: You’ll have to have at least one available time slot booked in order to make a meeting request on this page.
  • A meeting request will be sent to the other party via email.

4.     Accepting/Declining meeting requests

  • Requests you receive for meetings will be sent by email asking for you to accept or decline the meeting. Please respond in a timely manner. If you do not respond, you’ll continue to appear as available for meetings and may continue to receive requests for the same time slot.
  • If you accept a meeting, but need to decline or change the meeting time at a later date, sign on to the B2B page and click “Delete” for that meeting in your schedule. A notice will be sent to the other party indicating the meeting was cancelled.

5.     Meeting schedule

You will always have access to your schedule when you sign in to the B2B services. It will indicate meetings you have booked and time slots that are still open.

In addition to this, participants will receive a personal meeting schedule 2 weeks before the event. This meeting schedule gives you information about the time, meeting place, and organizations you are scheduled to meet with. It is very important that you review this schedule and confirm details.

6.     At the event

An updated version of your meeting schedule will be available at the B2B registration desk. Please review and advise if there are any changes. Your personal meeting schedule will include: Organization and individual(s) names, meeting time, and table number for each meeting.


If you require any assistance with the B2B services and scheduling meetings, please contact the ICOE B2B manager:

Annie Walsh

*** Remember, scroll back to the top of the page to see your schedule ***