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Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Welcome Remarks & Opening Ceremonies
Moderator: Chris Campbell, Marine Renewables Canada


Plenary 1: Drivers for Marine Energy – Clean Energy, Economic Development & Climate Action  
Moderator:  Eoin Sweeney, Director, ITO Consult Ltd


Session 1.1: Market Drivers –FITs, ROCS, RPS etc
Moderator: Yago Torre-Encisco, EVE – Ente Vasco de la Energia

Session 1.2: Showing the World – Steps that may Shape the Industry
Moderator: Jessica McIlroy, BC Women in Energy Network

Session 1.3: Strategic Leadership Roles of Government
Moderator: Bruce Cameron, Nova Scotia Department of Energy

Session 1.4 (Poster): Utility Business, Integration and Interconnection Issues
Moderator: Belinda Batten, Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center

Session 11.4 (Poster): Operations and Maintenance Issues
Moderator: Belinda Batten, Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center


Session 2.1: Investing in Commercial Generation Projects
Moderator: John Callaghan, The Crown Estate

Session 2.2: Wave Device Development- State of Play
Moderator: Bradley Buckham, West Coast Wave Initiative, University of Victoria

Session 2.3: Turbulence, Wave/Current Interaction Impacts
Moderator: Tony Lewis, University College Cork

Session 2.4 (Poster): Impact of Energy Conversion/Extraction on the Environment
Moderator: Sue Barr, OpenHydro

Session 12.4 (Poster): Addressing Extreme Events or Environments
Moderator: Sue Barr, OpenHydro           

  • Martyn Hann, Plymouth University
    The Use of Design Waves to Measure the Extreme Response of Floating Wave Energy Converters
  • Mark Hemer, CSIRO 
    Projections of Future Wave Climate for the Ocean Energy Industry
  • Olivia Thilleul, HydrOcean
    Nonlinear Wave Loads Computations in CFD on a Gravity Based Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation


Session 3.1: Project Development Interests

Moderator: Melanie Nadeau, Emera Inc. 

Session 3.2: Updates on the Bay of Fundy Tidal Development Projects
Moderator: Tony Wright, Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE)     

Session 3.3: Permitting and Social Acceptance
Moderator: Stephen Dempsey, Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA)

Session 3.4 (Poster): Wave Devices
Moderator: Bryson Robertson, West Coast Wave Initiative
Impacts of Wave Power Productions Estimates due to Wave Resource Assessment Methods


Plenary 2: Shifting Roles Toward a Project Development Industry

Moderator: Henry Jeffery, UKERC/Supergen Marine, Institute for Energy Systems, School of Engineering and Electronics, The University of Edinburgh


Wednesday November 5th, 2014

Opening Keynote Address
Moderator: Chris Campbell, Marine Renewables Canada 


Plenary 3: Showing the World – Update on Flagship Projects
Moderator:  Jose Luis Villate, TECNALIA


Session 4.1: Sharing Utility Experience
Moderator: Marta Nogaj, EDF

Session 4.2: Project Resource/Site Characterisation, Siting/Planning
Moderator: Bryan Polagye, University of Washington

Session 4.3: Disruptive Advances (Materials, Design, Integration, etc)
Moderator: Sue Molloy, Glas Ocean/Dalhousie University

Session 14.4 (Poster): Energy Conversion and Array Project Design Issues
Moderator: Jarett Goldsmith, DNV GL-Energy


Session 5.1: Financing of Ocean Energy
Moderator: Alan Moore, Renewable UK

Session 5.2: Measurement, Communication and Monitoring
Moderator: Marc Le Boullec, Ifremer

Session 5.3: Current Technologies – Looking Forward
Moderator: Colin Cornish, MEM (UK) Limited

Session 5.4 (Poster): Tidal Modeling
Moderator: Richard Karsten, Acadia University


Session 6.1: Industry Development Centres
Moderator: Claire Gibson, Wave Hub

Session 6.2: Moorings, Anchors, and Foundations
Moderator: Ryan Nicoll, Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd

Session 6.3: Next Generation – Wave Technology
Moderator: John Huckerby, Power Projects Ltd.

Session 6.4 (Poster): Resource Assessment and Site Characterization
Moderator: Melissa Oldreive, Nova Scotia Department of Energy

  • Joel Culina, Fundy Ocean Research for Energy
    Surface Current Mapping in the FORCE Region of the Bay of Fundy by combining Results from X-band Radar and Hydrodynamic Models
  • Jon Mackie/Gordon Fader, Seaforth Geosurveys
    Geological Concerns of Site Selection and Characterization for Tidal Power In-Stream Energy Conversion Devices and Multi-sensor Platforms in the Bay of Fundy
  • George Hagerman/Philip Balitsky, Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute
    Preliminary Assessment of Wave Energy Resources and Design Conditions at Four Proposed U.S. Test Sites
  • Dr. Brian Todd, Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic), Bedford Institute of Oceanography
    Geological Survey of Canada’s Site Characterization Studies for Ocean Renewable Energy
  • Paul Bell, University of Aberdeen
    Field Deployments of a Self-contained Subsea Platform for Acoustic Monitoring of the Environment around Marine Renewable Energy Structures
  • Philip Balitsky, Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute
    Preliminary Assessment of Wave Energy Resources and Design Conditions at Four Proposed U.S. Test Sites


Thursday November 6th, 2014

Session 7.1: Strategic Innovation Acceleration
Moderator: Doug Keefe, Doug Keefe Consulting

Session 7.2: Marine Operations: Deployment and Recovery Developments
Moderator: Chris Campbell, Marine Renewables Canada 

Session 7.3: Canadian Technology Showcase
Moderator: Eric Bibeau -Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Testing Centre/University of Manitoba 

Session 7.4 (Poster): Wave Modeling
Moderator: Helen Bailey, University of Victoria 


Session 8.1: International Collaboration/ Acceleration
Moderator: Ana Brito e Melo, Wave Energy Centre

Session 8.2: Cables – Experiences and Risks
Moderator: Neil Rondorf, LEIDOS

Session 8.3: Numerical Modelling – Critical Learning before Getting Wet
Moderator: Richard Karsten, Acadia University

Session 8.4 (Poster): Technology Assessment and Standards
Moderator: John Miller, MRE Consortium of New England

Session 18.4 (Poster): Instruments 
Moderator: John Miller, MRE Consortium of New England


Plenary 4: Showing the World – INORE, Building the Foundations of Collaborative Research
Moderator:  Thomas Kinsey, INORE


Session 9.1: Supply Chain Best Practices
Moderator: Sheila Paterson, Nova Scotia Economic and Rural Development and Tourism

Session 9.2: Subsea Power Technology
Moderator: Harald Grob, OceanWorks International

Session 9.3: Developing Standards and Best Practices
Moderator: Russell Stothers, Clean Current Power Systems

Session 9.4 (Poster): Disruptive Advances  (Materials, Design, Integration etc)
Moderator: Clayton Bear, New Energy Corporation

  • Katie Gracie
    Impact Analysis of Blade Shape on Performance of Tidal Turbine for Passive Feather Power Regulation
  • Prof Conchúr Ó Brádaigh, UCC
    Fatigue Design of Composite Tidal Turbine Blades: Effects of Water Saturation and Control Strategy
  • Robynne Murray, Dalhousie University
    Design of Passively Adaptive Rotor Blades for Horizontal-axis Tidal Turbines
  • Deborah Greaves, Plymouth University
    Compressible Wave Energy Devices
  • Prof. Luis Gato, Instituto Superior Técnico
    Testing OWC Sparbuoy at Technalia
  • Keith Towse, Scott’s Bay Tidal Power
    A Paradigm Shift in Tidal Range Technologies
  • Joaquin Hernandez-Brito 
    The Integration of Marine Renewables Energies in Multi-use Offshore Platforms in the scope of the FP7 TROPOS Project
  • Gino Bawn, IT Power
    Tool for Conceptual Engineering Design of a Multiuse Offshore Installation: The H2OCEAN Case


Session 10.1: European Policy and Market Drivers for Ocean Energy Development in the EU
Moderator: Remi Gruet, Ocean Energy Europe

Session 10.2: River Current Energy – State of Play
Moderator: Marie-Helene Briand, Water Power

Session 10.3: Advances in other Marine Energies
Moderator: Yann Herve de Roeck, France Energies Marines

Session 10.4 (Poster): Cost of Energy
Moderator: Shelley MacDougall, Acadia University

  • Lucy Cradden, University of Edinburgh
    Visualising the Levelised Cost of Offshore Energy around Europe
  • Thomas Roc, Acadia University
    Benchmarking Tidal Array Optimization: a Balance between Impacts & Economics of the Bay of Fundy – Early Results
  • Pablo Ruiz-Minguela, TECNALIA
    A Project-investment Oriented Approach for Design of Wave Energy Technologies
  • Shelley MacDougall, Acadia University
    Better to Wait? Investigating the Value of Delay of In-stream Tidal Energy Projects
  • Erik Schulz, Floating Power Plant
    Can the Levelised Cost of Energy be reduced by Combining Wave and Wind Energy
  • James Monroe, Blue Water Dynamos
    Mooring/Anchoring Cost Effective Alternative
  • Vincent Neary, Sandia National Laboratories
    Key findings of the Reference Model Project (RMP), sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wind and Water Power Technologies Program within the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE)


Closing Plenary: Showing the World – ICOE 2014’S Iconic Steps Forward
Moderator:  Elisa Obermann, Atlantic Director, Marine Renewables Canada

Showing the World: ICOE 2014’s Iconic Steps Forward