Navigator Award

For the first time, ICOE 2014 will present a Navigator Award to the conference participant who is judged to have shared the “biggest step” forward in building a marine renewable industry. The winner will be profiled in the final conference session and be the lead in a special e-publication of the event’s 10 “biggest steps” forward. 

The prize winner will be profiled in the conference and in the conference record. The winner will be the central paper in the commemorative E-publication. A representative of the sponsor can be part of the awarding of the prize and the sponsor will be forever associated with the ICOE 2014 Navigator Award. The sponsor of the ICOE 2014 Navigator Prize, the winner being chosen as clearly a leader in development of this industry, can expect to benefit from that association as the winners career, and the industry, develop. 

The prize will be known as the ICOE 2014 Navigator Award;  

The only other award being offered at ICOE 2014 is sponsored by the Ocean Energy Systems collaboration (OES). It will be for the best student posters. 

For more details, please contact Amanda White at:  

The 10 “biggest steps” toward an industry

We expect to be able to have conference participants vote to identify the 10 most significant contributions to the agenda. This will help a jury invite 10 presenters or poster authors to re-present their leadership work as “elevator-pitches” in the final conference session. The winners will be profiled in the commemorative e-publication – likely to become a significant chapter in the emergence of this industry.

The Ocean Energy Systems Poster Award (Must be a Student)

ICOE 2014 will continue the award of a cash prize to a student selected by an international jury. This award on behalf of the 19 country-member Ocean Energy Systems (OES) is intended to identify an early career individual who we expect to continue to make significant contributions in making industrial ocean energy a reality.