The International Conference on Ocean Energy 2014 will take place at the World Trade & Convention Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia from November 4-6, 2014. The event will comprise of an exhibition of over 70 booths, a three day international conference, reception, gala dinner and technical tours and field trips (within Nova Scotia).

As the host city for ICOE 2014, Halifax, Nova Scotia offers proximity to unique, world-renowned marine renewable energy related activities, institutions, organizations, and industrial capacity of potential interest to attendees.

What is ICOE and why should my organization become a partner!

The International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) is the world’s largest and most significant event focused on the ocean energy industry. Attracting between 700-900 participants representing utilities, project developers, device suppliers, supply chain companies, investors, government, and researchers from nearly 40 countries, ICOE is the event to be part of in 2014. 

ICOE 2014 will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA from November 4-6, 2014 at the World Trade & Convention Centre. 

ICOE 2014 provides the opportunity to profile your organization’s role and capabilities in a new industry with emerging markets across the world. Partners will be highly visible, allowing them to connect and engage with local and international companies, investors, political leaders, and regulators. 

Your partnership with ICOE will demonstrate that your organization is integral to creating a new global ocean energy industry. Show your leadership in ocean energy and become a partner of ICOE today. 

Why become a partner of ICOE?

  • Visibility: Becoming a partner will ensure that your information is placed at the forefront for all participants to see. Partners have the forum to communicate their message and increase brand recognition by supporting the event and showing interest in the emerging industry. 
  • Positioning for the future: Ocean energy is an emerging industry that has been growing over the last decade, with projects now taking shape. Companies supporting this event are well positioned to demonstrate their capacities in supplying services, products and tools to participants of a fast growing industry. 
  • Increased networking opportunities: Partners have the ability to network with leading companies in the industry. With lots of exhibition space and a host of networking events, partners will receive prominent recognition for their event support. This acknowledgement of partners’ leadership role will be remembered by participants of the conference long after the event is over. 

What type of partnership will best suit my organization?

There are three levels of partnerships available…to suit any organization’s need. Click on the link below to view each full package: 

Level 1 – overall partnership that will provide company profile throughout the conference

Level 2 – individual event partnership will feature a company at that specific event

Level 3 – special partner opportunities apply to one of- a-kind items such as lanyards, awards, etc

For more information or to express interest, please contact Amanda White at

Don’t wait – book your Partnership now and secure a place in the biggest and most significant ocean energy event in the world. 

ICOE 2014 is being organized by Marine Renewables Canada, Canada’s not-for-profit sector development association. We welcome you as a partner and supporter of the event. We thank you for helping us make the event a financial and industry-building success.